Thursday, April 17, 2008

Found Joke

I just switched over to a new joke notebook that I bought a while back. When I opened it, I found a joke I had written in it and forgot about. Yay! It's like putting on a jacket and finding money in the pocket. So, without further adieu, the "found" joke:

Recently, I went on the Sallie Mae website to get some info on my student loan. I had to create a log-in name and password, and then it asked me a series of questions that they could ask me later if I forget my password. I was expecting the question “what is your mother's maiden name” and even “what was your first pet,” but I was not prepared for “What is your biggest fear?” WTF?

First of all, I had to run down a whole list to figure out my biggest fear, hmmm….what am I afraid of: let’s see…there’s people, places, things, nouns in general really, grocery stores, Republicans, dying alone, snakes. Snakes! That’s my biggest fear. So I typed it in and then I thought. That’s a lot of information for Sallie Mae to have. They know my social security number, where I live, and now my biggest fear! Fuck, George Orwell was right. What if Sallie Mae puts a snake in my house so they can steal my identity? Oh, shit. I think I have a new biggest fear!

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dantheman said...

From Master MC Dan the Man:
Hey You Sexy Thing!

THANKS for doing Cafe Europe on Saturday! I thought you were hilarious and dangerously sexy...are you REALLY as horny as you claim to be? gave me a stiffy for sure! You should call me sometime and see what's up...

562 519-077_

Dan The Man