Monday, June 9, 2008


I’m for Obama now. I voted for Hilary, and I supported her till the end (even when it seemed like she was beating a dead horse). I really wanted her to be president, ½ because I dig her, and ½ because I really wanted to see the first woman president. I was a child when Geraldine Ferrara was on the Democratic ticket for VP, and I didn’t think I would be this old to see even a chance of it again. Maybe next time it will be me. (I did just get my Masters in Public Administration last week.)

But now it is time for Hilary supporters to rally behind Obama. It’s over people. I know a lot of you are threatening to vote for McCain, and I beg you to pull your head out of your ass, I mean reconsider. I will give you the same advice I gave my daddy just yesterday:

When you listen to Obama and McCain speak, close your eyes. Forget that Obama is black; forget he has a funny name you can’t pronounce. Forget your fears that he is a secret Muslim (I wouldn’t care if he were as long as he wasn’t a Fundamentalist. We have had 8 years of Fundamentalism in the White House and it scares the shit out of me even when it’s called Christianity). Forget McCain is an old white guy that looks like he hangs out at the Moose Lodge (trust me, he doesn’t). Just listen. Listen to what they are for and against.

Obama’s policies are a lot closer to Clinton than McCain’s. I know that McCain is not Bush, but he is drinking the Kool-Aide and it’s not the cool kind. He is pandering to the far right to get elected, and he has modified some of his past beliefs to gain their support. We don’t need another pro-war, pro-life, pro-rich, pro-pissing off the rest of the world administration. I’m sure McCain is a nice guy, and he has done a lot of reaching across the aisle in the Senate. But, I am ready to see America as it used to be: a country that doesn’t torture people, doesn’t attack other countries for no reason, one that has health care for everyone, and clean air and water. If you are a Republican, vote for McCain if you wish (but consider Obama please). If you are a Democrat, do not betray us and put another Republican in the White House. Let the rest of the world look at us and see that we really are a melting pot and that the decisions of the past 8 years don’t represent us.

Let’s end the reign of the white guy! Off to buy an Obama bumper sticker now…

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