Sunday, October 7, 2012

Feminism in Comedy

Guys, don't take feminism so personally. Pro-woman does not mean anti-man. If I am angry, it is in response to something that should anger you, too.

Was told 3 min of material in an hour set that respond to current issues is "a consistent theme of angry feminism" in my act- too angry & anti male.

Was told I use the worst examples of men, but the jokes were actual things men said to me or to the media.  Women are not allowed to be angry against direct attacks? Male comics make jokes about their girlfriends, wives, exes or women they know, but they aren't perceived as angry. But women can't?

So when Bill Burr says we shouldn't talk about domestic violence because "we get it" that's not considered angry toward women? But I am?

Bottom line is when someone does or says something anti-women, I HAVE RIGHT TO BE ANGRY. Just like men have a right to be angry on stage. Gotta go write more feminist material now.

If I'm not supposed to talk about feminist issues or sex, look for my next cd about vacuuming & my mother-in-law.

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Matthew said...

It really is a perplexing and frustrating double standard. I think ultimately it's the result of insecure men who can't handle a woman who thinks for herself and expresses disapproval of inappropriate behavior. Mocking a specific jerk is appropriate source material for a comedy routine. Is Margaret Cho being sexist when she mocks a former boyfriend who acted like an ass? No.

I wonder if the people who groused about your act would have been equally offended by Andrew Dice Clay at the peak of his misogyny.