Saturday, August 25, 2012

Girls Girls Girls

I'm so stressed out. I'm not sure if all my rapes were legitimate. Where's that darn paperwork??

As soon as I made the formal decision to abandon this blog, a little bird came chirping in my ear and told me I was needed. See, my people have come under attack lately, and not just by the usual suspects. I have been speaking out all over the place- on Facebook, Twitter, my podcast Psychedelicatessen Radio, in my act, in my book... everywhere but one united place that all of my opinions can be heard. So, thanks to Eddie Brill, Adam Carolla, Daniel Tosh, Christopher Hitchens, Mitt Romney, Todd Akin, Rick Santorum and all the other misogynists out there trying to take rights away from women or otherwise put us in our place, I am back on this blog. I will be sharing my thoughts as well as articles that I find interesting about whatever I feel like. My focus will be defending logic and sanity, not just in feminist issues but in gay rights and any political or non-political issue that interests me. I have noticed a lack of feminist role models or, at least, a lack of awareness of them. I want to show you where the support is and where the detractors are. But, mostly, I want to be the role model that I yearn for. More to come...

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SHANE said...

You go girl! ....*Sorry :p