Saturday, September 8, 2007


I just had the worst set of my life! Holy shit! I took a comedy ass whooping tonight. It was a big crowd-full of people who fucking hated me! Good thing I already have a really low self-esteem or that would have made me feel bad about myself! I think that was the Universe's way of saying "Don't get cocky." Note taken!

Isn't is funny that no matter how long you've been doing comedy, you are still so wrapped up in the approval of the crowd in front of you? And by funny, I mean painful as shit. How many audiences have to validate me? How many toothless drunk bikers in the front row have to love me and think I'm funny for me to feel OK? After 20 years, how long is it going to take? As long as our mothers don't love us (comics), there will never be enough drunk bikers. There will never be enough validation.

Here's hoping I never have to appear in front of that group of people again!
Alas, tomorrow is another show!

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Paula L. Johnson said...

I am sorry you had a bad show, but feel better knowing that even someone with tons of experience, great material, and an appealing stage presence can just, well, tank.

So you have a few less toothless bikers "friending" you on MySpace. That's okay!